OtterBox Armor Provides a Powerful Defense Against Water, Drops, Dust, and Scratches

OtterBox Armor

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OtterBox Armor Series has multiple layers of top quality protection. All of which will help provide a powerful defense for your device against water, dings, scratches, drops, and dust.  With advanced materials employed in OtterBox Armor for your device’s safety, there will be no more worrying about trivial accidents. OtterBox Armor Series is built to hold up under the pressure of two tons, easily shield your device from dust, and most impressively an OtterBox Armor case can withstand up to 6.6 ft. of underwater submersion for up to 30 minutes! All while providing complete interaction with your device through the case itself.

The protective layers of OtterBox Armor include:

  • Built-in screen shield
  • Protective mesh and non-permeable membrane layer
  • Hi-strength reinforced plastic layer

These multiple layers of protection are more than capable of handling extremely tough conditions. A built in screen protector helps to protect your device from scratches and smudges. The interior has vents made of a non-permeable membrane and a protective mesh layer that will allow for sound to move through while keeping harmful elements out. The exterior portion of the OtterBox Armor series has advanced materials that protect the device from forceful drops while the high-strength reinforced plastic on the OtterBox Armor case can withstand two tons of crushing force. The outer material even resists hand oil and chemicals.

This case provides over-the-top protection for your device in the worst environments including water submersion. The OtterBox Armor series case comes with everything you’ll need for complete waterproof protection. The metal latches that seal the case ensure that no amount of water comes inside, and the metal is made with a material that resists corrosion. Talk about protection – that’s protection! OtterBox Armor Series will make sure that your device endures through any harmful situation you might encounter. From accidental drops to spills, your device will thrive and survive like it never has before.

OtterBox Armor Series also comes in a variety of colors:

  • Neon Green
  • Artic Blue
  • Electric Orange

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The Box Contents for the OtterBox Armor Series consist of:

  • Built-in screen protector (along with a cleaning cloth) that prevents scratches from harming your device.
  • Port and mesh covers to keep water and dust from entering your device.
  • Carrying lanyard so that you can be fully comfortable while traveling with your device.

OtterBox Armor

Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

Robert Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

Robert asks…

What do I do about this broken otter box?

My friend lent me her otter box but the bottom was cracked, I texted her telling her it was like cutting me and she said that it was my phone or I broke the otter box, which is supposedly indestructible, but when she put it on my phone because I was ‘incapable’ of putting a damn phone case on and she told me if I brake it I own her $40 but, I showed her the case had a crack but it works perfectly fine and she told me be careful and not to worry about it but now she’s saying its my fault and she gonna make me pay for it which I’m not cuz it was broken and she knows it but now she’s playing dumb. So what should I do??
I went on that website but it says I need carrier and where she got it and I don’t have it, should I just give it to her and be like it has a lifetime warranty so you can get one for free??

Otterbox Armor Background pic cropped Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

OtterBox Armor answers:

Otter boxes have lifetime guarantees click on this link or copy and paste it. Two of mine have broke and I just email them then they have me send a picture of the otterbox with a piece of paper with my name and date on it to make sure it’s legit then they will send you a new one for free,default,pg.html

Charles Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

Charles asks…

what is the best case to protect my display screen on my droid?

I have an HTC droid incredible 2 and i dropped my phone the other day and it cracked. so i jus got the new replacement and i want to avoid the same incident. is there any type of case for this phone that has protection like that so if i do drop it ever, that it wont shatter/crack?

Otterbox Armor Background pic cropped Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

OtterBox Armor answers:

The Otterbox Defender for the Incredible 2 will be the most durable case for a variety of reasons.

-It has a built-in screen protector so your screen has an extra layer of protection from not only scratches but the impact of drops as well.
-The shell is made of a polycarbonate plastic that is extremely strong, durable, and lightweight.
-It has an extra layer of silicon molded around the outside for extra impact protection.

I’ve had several people tell me they’ve ran their otterbox over with a car and the phone was still okay. I’ve also had a firefighter tell me he ran his over with a firetruck and it still survived. Those things are heavy! Finally, I had someone who ran theirs over with a crane and they claimed the phone still functioned despite the screen breaking and otter case breaking. So basically a crane may be the limit.

Also, the Otterbox case comes with a one year manufacturor’s warranty. Go to to order one! The commuter series is good too but it won’t be as protective as the defender series.


William Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

William asks…

The rubber part of my otter box defender for my galaxy s3 is starting to strech bad any body know a website?

To purchace. Please leave a link thanks

Otterbox Armor Background pic cropped Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

OtterBox Armor answers:

Im from the Philippines and am encountering the same problem for two s3 units. The distributors of Otterbox replaced my case within the warranty period. Apparently this is common for the Defender S3.

Helen Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

Helen asks…

How to convince by parents?

I want to get a new iPhone case. My parents baught me the $40 otter box and over the past few months it has cracked and made it really hard to turn my phone on. I was looking on amazon and found a case I really like and i will pay for it myself. But every time I say I want a new case they bring up the ” perfectly good $40 one we baught”. I really want this case how do I convince my parents I need one?
I don’t really want another otter box because the same thing happened to my sister’s

Otterbox Armor Background pic cropped Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

OtterBox Armor answers:

If you want another otterbox, they have a really good warranty, like 2 years, i think. You can just send it in and they’ll give you a new one if they old one is broken.

Joseph Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

Joseph asks…

I dropped my iPhone 3gs on pavement. No backlight. What should I do?

For a moment after it was dropped, the backlight was still working. Then, when I locked the phone, and unlocked it, the backlight was gone. I tried shutting off the phone, and doing a complete shut down. I also tried messing with brightness settings. No luck. What should I do?

Otterbox Armor Background pic cropped Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

OtterBox Armor answers:

If under warranty take it to the apple store or att store. And if you get the problem fixed I strongly suggest buying an otter case.

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