OtterBox Armor Provides a Powerful Defense Against Water, Drops, Dust, and Scratches

OtterBox Armor

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OtterBox Armor Series has multiple layers of top quality protection. All of which will help provide a powerful defense for your device against water, dings, scratches, drops, and dust.  With advanced materials employed in OtterBox Armor for your device’s safety, there will be no more worrying about trivial accidents. OtterBox Armor Series is built to hold up under the pressure of two tons, easily shield your device from dust, and most impressively an OtterBox Armor case can withstand up to 6.6 ft. of underwater submersion for up to 30 minutes! All while providing complete interaction with your device through the case itself.

The protective layers of OtterBox Armor include:

  • Built-in screen shield
  • Protective mesh and non-permeable membrane layer
  • Hi-strength reinforced plastic layer

These multiple layers of protection are more than capable of handling extremely tough conditions. A built in screen protector helps to protect your device from scratches and smudges. The interior has vents made of a non-permeable membrane and a protective mesh layer that will allow for sound to move through while keeping harmful elements out. The exterior portion of the OtterBox Armor series has advanced materials that protect the device from forceful drops while the high-strength reinforced plastic on the OtterBox Armor case can withstand two tons of crushing force. The outer material even resists hand oil and chemicals.

This case provides over-the-top protection for your device in the worst environments including water submersion. The OtterBox Armor series case comes with everything you’ll need for complete waterproof protection. The metal latches that seal the case ensure that no amount of water comes inside, and the metal is made with a material that resists corrosion. Talk about protection – that’s protection! OtterBox Armor Series will make sure that your device endures through any harmful situation you might encounter. From accidental drops to spills, your device will thrive and survive like it never has before.

OtterBox Armor Series also comes in a variety of colors:

  • Neon Green
  • Artic Blue
  • Electric Orange

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The Box Contents for the OtterBox Armor Series consist of:

  • Built-in screen protector (along with a cleaning cloth) that prevents scratches from harming your device.
  • Port and mesh covers to keep water and dust from entering your device.
  • Carrying lanyard so that you can be fully comfortable while traveling with your device.

OtterBox Armor

Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty


Laura Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

Laura asks…

Do I have a real otterbox? Read the entire thing please!?

Basically I have the iPhone 4 and I recently went to my local flee market to buy a case.
I automatically went to the otter boxes. I’ve heard they are indestructible.
So I asked how much they are and she said they are 30…
I was alarmed because otter boxes are usually 50..
So I asked if it was real. She said “Yup, it’s the real deal.” (Meaning yes, the case is real.)
So I asked to take a look. She let me look and then she put on the case.
She told me I had a 1 year warranty on the case, which is great.
Pretty much I’m just worried I paid 30 bucks for a fake case.
Flee markets sell fake things, even though the flee market I went to has high end items.
So now I’m talking a closer look.
The plastic piece of the case is gray/silver.
The outside is like a navy blue. (The “rubber” piece)
The rubber piece is rigid and feels like snake skin almost. It has the otterbox logo printed on it.
Then on the inside of the rubber piece it says “Made in China”. Which alarms me.
Aren’t otter boxes made in the USA?
Then the plastic piece on the inside has this gray foam thing I guess with the otterbox logo on it as well.
Also, it came with this screen protector thing, idk. It’s like plasticish. Idk lol.
I don’t really know how else to explain it.
It seems too good to be true to pay 30 for an otter box.
So please help me! Real? Not?

Otterbox Armor Background pic cropped Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

OtterBox Armor answers:

Seems like the case is real! Maybe the reason for it being $30 because it may have been used prior to when you bought it. I wouldn’t be saying,”This is too good to be true.” So I think the case seems pretty legit to me.

Ken Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

Ken asks…

ipad mini VS ipad 4??? Where do you stand?

I like the mini because of its thinness and portability. I like the 4 because of the retina display. Which do you like most and why? ANSWER THIS QUESTION , not “iPads suck” or “kindles are better.”. Frankly I’m not asking that.

Otterbox Armor Background pic cropped Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

OtterBox Armor answers:

I would take the iPad over the mini any day because of the screen size–it is way less frustrating to navigate than the mini sized one and its just as portable. Maybe you got the wrong impression about its size because I can fit it easily into any bag I have, though I often just carry it around like a book. Of course, if you are one of those people that likes otter cases then yeah, you might as well lug around a Dell…

Another reason: I love the onscreen keyboard because it’s comfortable enough that I never bothered getting a separate key board for it (with a mini you basically need a stylus so you can’t type as easily or fast). I think basically the only thing the mini has on the regular size iPad is its price point, because its cheaper. Then again refurbished apple iPads are basically like buying new (only cheaper) because apple sells them with the same warranty as their new ones, so I’d still get the iPad, though you’d either have to settle for the 3 or wait for the four.

Mark Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

Mark asks…

Will CarphoneWarehouse fix my phone for free?

My phone is a samsung galaxy s4
the screen works but its cracked from the bottom to middle, its not shattered but theres alot of cracks.

i brought the phone from carphone but i did not take insurance? would they fix it for free?
if not. where would the cheapest place to replace my screen:( i love this phone and its rather depressing looking at the cracks, also once fixed i am going to buy a triple protection case by OTTER.

Otterbox Armor Background pic cropped Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

OtterBox Armor answers:

Since you didn’t take out cover on the phone and it’s an accidental damage, carphonewarehouse will not offer any free service to you to repair the cracked screen no matter if it’s still under warranty. You need to locate a local phone shop for it to be repaired at a cheaper rate however, bear in mind by having your phone repaired by a third party, you stand to invalidate the remainder of your warranty should you have any.

Donna Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

Donna asks…

Should I buy me an ipad if I have an iphone 3gs?

I’m wanna get an ipad but I already have an iphone 3gs. I do like the bigger screen and faster speed. Should I get an ipad or not? If so ipad1 or 2, is it worth the extra money for the ipad 2 vs the first one?

Otterbox Armor Background pic cropped Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

OtterBox Armor answers:

I have an iPad (I am using it right now) and an iPhone 3G I find the iPad extremely useful for many reasons. It is an amazing Ebook reader because it has iBooks,kindle,nook, and overdrive to read on so you van pretty much get any book you want. Also it is great for web browsing (except that It can’t play flash. It is better than my computer in that it can unlock right away and you can start browsing emmidietly were as on a computer you have to wait for it to wake and then open the Internet. Which brings me to another reason is that there is an app that allows you to control your computer (pc or Mac) on the iPad without jail breaking it( the app is logmein) . Another thing is that if you travel the 10″ screen is perfect for movies and tv shows. Now were you were asking to get the iPad 1 or 2 it really depends on your needs, if you are going to take pictures with it (ask yourself if your going to be carrying around a 10″ camera, if you want to video call people (keep in mind you can only do this over wifi if you get the 3G model.and then if slimness matters to you and the A5 processor instead of the A5 processor. Also the smart cover (which is an additional 40-80$). And then the other option is the choice to have black or white on the iPad 2. If the pictures matter there is an app that let’s you take pictures with your iPad 1 using your iPhones camera. If you do decide to get the iPad try
to get a case or a Warranty (if you want a warranty get a square trade it may cost you 100$ but if you drop your beautiful iPad they will fix it for free or anything like water damage they will fix it. Or you can get an otter box defender series which comes with a stand that turns into an extra layer of protection)
BTW No I do not work for apple

Lizzie Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

Lizzie asks…

dropped iphone 5 in water! PLEASE HELP.?

i dropped my iphone 5 in water about an hour ago. i immediately took my otter box off and dried in off, then blow dryed in some with a hair dryer. it seemed to be working fine other than a little rumble in the speaker when i was on the phone with my friend. then i put in in my charger and it completely fried my charger! im worried about if it will ever charge again? i now have it in a bag of sealed rice, i turned it off 3 times and it turned back on so it wont stay off. what else should i do? do you think it will be okay tomorrow? how much would it cost to get it repaired if i had to?

Otterbox Armor Background pic cropped Your Questions About Otter Case Warranty

OtterBox Armor answers:

If you need to get it repaired without insurance.. Its probably cheaper to buy a new phone. You probably shouldn’t have plugged it in without letting it dry for a couple days. When there is water on or in a circuit, something will give.

I would let the phone sit in rice for a couple days, but make sure the phone is standing up in the bag and not laying down. This will cause the water to run down and out of the phone per say.

I have used the rice trick many times with success, just hope you plugging it and turning it on and off won’t cause anymore harm. If it is possible shut the phone off, and leave it off until it sits in the rice for a while.

Most phone companies honor manufacturers warranties which is good up to a year but in your case, this would be considered water damage and would void most warranties.

Good luck with your phone.

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