OtterBox Armor Provides a Powerful Defense Against Water, Drops, Dust, and Scratches

OtterBox Armor

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OtterBox Armor Series has multiple layers of top quality protection. All of which will help provide a powerful defense for your device against water, dings, scratches, drops, and dust.  With advanced materials employed in OtterBox Armor for your device’s safety, there will be no more worrying about trivial accidents. OtterBox Armor Series is built to hold up under the pressure of two tons, easily shield your device from dust, and most impressively an OtterBox Armor case can withstand up to 6.6 ft. of underwater submersion for up to 30 minutes! All while providing complete interaction with your device through the case itself.

The protective layers of OtterBox Armor include:

  • Built-in screen shield
  • Protective mesh and non-permeable membrane layer
  • Hi-strength reinforced plastic layer

These multiple layers of protection are more than capable of handling extremely tough conditions. A built in screen protector helps to protect your device from scratches and smudges. The interior has vents made of a non-permeable membrane and a protective mesh layer that will allow for sound to move through while keeping harmful elements out. The exterior portion of the OtterBox Armor series has advanced materials that protect the device from forceful drops while the high-strength reinforced plastic on the OtterBox Armor case can withstand two tons of crushing force. The outer material even resists hand oil and chemicals.

This case provides over-the-top protection for your device in the worst environments including water submersion. The OtterBox Armor series case comes with everything you’ll need for complete waterproof protection. The metal latches that seal the case ensure that no amount of water comes inside, and the metal is made with a material that resists corrosion. Talk about protection – that’s protection! OtterBox Armor Series will make sure that your device endures through any harmful situation you might encounter. From accidental drops to spills, your device will thrive and survive like it never has before.

OtterBox Armor Series also comes in a variety of colors:

  • Neon Green
  • Artic Blue
  • Electric Orange

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The Box Contents for the OtterBox Armor Series consist of:

  • Built-in screen protector (along with a cleaning cloth) that prevents scratches from harming your device.
  • Port and mesh covers to keep water and dust from entering your device.
  • Carrying lanyard so that you can be fully comfortable while traveling with your device.

OtterBox Armor

Your Questions About Otterbox Armor Case

Lisa Your Questions About Otterbox Armor Case

Lisa asks…

5th Generation iPod Touch cases?

Well. I know they haven’t even been out a week, but my old 4g had a massive Griffin Armored case on it. While I miss the security it made me feel, I don’t want something as massive as that this time. So. Anyone got any suggestions based on either experience or reputation from previous products.
Otterbox and griffin have yet to release their cases too. :/

Otterbox Armor Background pic cropped Your Questions About Otterbox Armor Case

OtterBox Armor answers:

Wate for the otterbox it is so awesome

Paul Your Questions About Otterbox Armor Case

Paul asks…

Snowboarding with ipod touch?

is it safe? im affraid i might crack the screen. any ideas or advice?

Otterbox Armor Background pic cropped Your Questions About Otterbox Armor Case

OtterBox Armor answers:

Yeah actually you’ll be fine, I ride with an ipod all the time, The tunes really help get you in the mood to push it. Most jackets now a days have a media pocket which keeps it in a relatively safe position on the body. Another thing you can do if you’re still worrying about it is get some ipod armor for it, theirs tons of choices. Here’s one I found.


Ruth Your Questions About Otterbox Armor Case

Ruth asks…

Which iphone 5 case should i get?

i was thinking about getting an otter box case for the iphone five im getting in a few days. im a junior in highschool and im cautious about my phones i rarely drop them but when i do i dont want the screen to shatter. i like otterbox cuz of its shock resistance and i like the protection of a defender model but i also like the sleekness of the commuter. i was just wondering which case would be better for me? i take care of my tech and like to have easy pocket access

Otterbox Armor Background pic cropped Your Questions About Otterbox Armor Case

OtterBox Armor answers:

Do not get the otter box if you want a slim case
The otter box will make it really bulky
Since you are a high school student like me, I recommend VANS case.
The bottom of the case is exactly like the bottom of a vans shoe. Cool right?

If not, specks has some awesome cases too.
I recommend getting a screen protector too such as the invincible shield or ghost armor.

Susan Your Questions About Otterbox Armor Case

Susan asks…

What’s a good Ipod Touch case?

I’m looking for a case for my ipod touch. What’s the best one, plastic (hardcase), rubber, or leather

Otterbox Armor Background pic cropped Your Questions About Otterbox Armor Case

OtterBox Armor answers:

Http:// is the best ive found. They have two types. The defender which is a solid case which is water resistant. The other is the Armor. It’s entirely waterproof but its a bit more bulky. You can use all the controls through the case. .
I currently own a defender for my ipod classic and i love it. Great investment.

Also, along with buying that, i would buy the invisibleshield product. Its basically an extremely thin plastic(feels like those vinyl stickers you put on cars) which covers the entire body of the ipod. Apparently its the same stuff they use on the leading edge of helicopter blades. It protects against scratches AMAZINGLY well. Watch the videos, they are very convincing. It also can come off(its on pretty good) without damaging the ipod or leaving residue.



Apparently so, i take back my sidenote:-P

Linda Your Questions About Otterbox Armor Case

Linda asks…

iPhone 5 Lifeproof vs Otterbox Armor?

What do you guys think is better if I were to get one?

Otterbox Armor Background pic cropped Your Questions About Otterbox Armor Case

OtterBox Armor answers:

I have had both cases. In my opinion the Lifeproof is better because, it looks better, its cheaper, its thinner, and its really cool and durable. Ive dropped it many times and even videotaped using it underwater and its just great. Its also really cool how the apple logo is still showing on the back. You can buy it at Best buy or their website at

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